So What are the Obstacles
in Your Diabetic Life?

The obstacles in the life of a Diabetic are numerous. Fear not, they can all be conquered, some with ease, others with more difficulty.

The obstacles in the life of a Diabetic are numerous. Fear not, they can all be conquered, some with ease, others with more difficulty. However....
There is nothing that cannot be beaten with a bit of perseverance and some knowledge.

Understanding the disease and knowing how to combat/manage it, will go a long way in ensuring your optimum health.

When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the "new world" of information and activities that faced me was quite overwhelming.
Since then I've spoken to doctors and dietitians whenever there was an opportunity. I've read the books, searched and researched the subject.

Now my understanding of it is such that I manage the disease with ease and the impact on my day-to-day living is minimal.

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.

The knowledge and understanding that I have assembled about diabetes is worth sharing, thus the birth of this website and I will do my best to address your concerns and difficulties, around topics like.....

All kinds of facts about diabetes

  • Types of diabetes. Where do you fit in?
  • The complications of diabetes. Prevention and recognition.
  • The symptoms of diabetes and how to recognize it.
  • The causes of diabetes.
  • The possibility of a cure and reversal tactics.

Managing your disease.

  • Helpful books to aid in understanding and managing diabetes.
  • Treatment(s) and medication(s) for diabetes.
  • Supplies and where/how to obtain it.
  • The indispensable value of a journal.

The value of the correct food in your diet.

  • Delicious recipes.
  • Meal plans.
  • Different menus.

Much more to come on these and other topics of value to you, the diabetic

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Please consult the services of your
doctor and/or other members of your health care team
before implementing any of the advice contained on this site.

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