Blood Sugar 101
What They Don't Tell You About Diabetes

By Jenny Ruhl    

solid, in-depth look at diabetes and practical ways of dealing with it

Blood Sugar 101 is a solid, in-depth look at diabetes and practical ways of dealing with it. It can't be beaten for evidenced based, detailed answers to complex questions. Clear, concise, accurate and myth busting, a must-have for any diabetic.

Written in clear and understandable language, providing everything you need to comprehend how your blood sugar works. You will learn how the time-tested techniques will enable you to lower your blood sugar to the truly proper levels that prevent or even reverse complications and restore normal health. 

What makes Blood Sugar 101 outstanding is the author’s ability to take very scientific information and break it down into the key components that people need to know and present it in a simple way that everyone can understand.

You will learn why it is important for everybody to care about their own blood sugar. It also provides an easy to understand strategy whereby everyone can manage their own blood sugars and avoid all of the health complications caused by high blood sugars.

Jenny Ruhl makes a clear case on what levels of blood sugar will cause many of the health conditions like increased heart-attack risk, nerve breakdown, loss of eyesight, problems with your blood vessels and damage to your pancreas. She also provides practical, sustainable techniques to keep your blood sugar below these damaging levels.

The author does not fall for fads. She has done extensive research into diabetes and is basically giving the data. This book simply tells you what works and what doesn't. It recognizes that we are all different, so it will show you how to discover what works for you and only you! If you are looking for a book that will give you the facts and not a doctor's ego trip, then this is the book for you.

The book you don't read won't help

Topics covered in Blood Sugar 101
Presented in easy to understand language and
backed by research studies

  1. What is Normal Blood Sugar?
  2. How Diabetes Develops
  3. What Really Causes Diabetes?
  4. Blood Sugar Level and Organ Damage
  5. Must You Deteriorate?
  6. How to Lower Blood Sugar
  7. Making Your Diet work
  8. Generic Diabetes Drugs
  9. Patented Diabetes Drugs
  10. Insulin
  11. Supplements and Healing Foods
  12. Exercise
  13. Is It Really Type-2?
  14. Working with Doctors and Hospitals
  15. What Can You Eat When You are Cutting the Carbs?
  16. References to studies and papers in support of the facts


This book is a great introduction to the world of diabetes. Use it to understand your questions so that you can communicate better with your doctor and health care team. Use it to learn how to deal with diabetes on a budget. Educate yourself for life...a good life.

You can read newsgroups, consult specialists review medical journals & invest one or more years of your life to figure out diabetes. Alternatively, you could read this book in less than five days and learn everything you will need. Jenny Ruhl has put together everything you need to know. Save yourself time and possibly your life, get the book.

About the Author

Jenny RuhlJenny Ruhl

Jenny Ruhl, a well-known author of business books, was diagnosed with diabetes in 1998. Nothing doctors told her about how to control her blood sugar corresponded to her own experiences and observations. To answer the questions "What causes diabetes" and "What blood sugars prevent complications" she dug into the medical journals newly available online and spent a year tracking down the facts. The result was the web site which now gets well over a million visitors a year.

She is a strong supporter of the "Test, Test, Test" strategy for lowering blood sugar. It embodies the highly effective strategy she learned on the now-defunct newsgroup back in the days when it was frequented by quite a few bright, inquisitive engineers. She hears from hundreds of people each year who have used that technique to bring their HbA1c's down into the 5% range that research shows will prevent diabetic complications.

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