Real Food for Gestational Diabetes
What You Need to Know
By Lily Nichols

Gestational diabetes do not need to remain scary. It is quite possible to manage your blood sugar effortlessly.

Although getting the devastating diagnoses of gestational diabetes was never part of your maternal dreams, it does not need to remain scary. It is quite possible to manage your blood sugar effortlessly and giving birth to a beautiful, healthy baby. All it takes is knowing what to do and applying this knowledge. Lily Nichols in Real Food for Gestational Diabetes gives the ideal way to achieve this.

This book is not only about food. Lily clarifies, in a clear and understandable language, all aspects of gestational diabetes. She has even devoted a whole chapter to ketosis. You will know and understand your gestational diabetes better, after reading this book.

There is no one-size-fits-all plan, but with Lily's great insight, you will be able to design and live your own plan for coping with your gestational diabetes.

We've been misled on what is the correct diet

Incorrect information leaves far too many women to struggle with unacceptable blood sugar levels, leading to high medication doses and difficult births. Regrettably, this happens even though the moms are devotedly sticking to the dietary advice doled out by well-meaning clinicians i.e. a restrictive diet, requiring discipline, that leaves you feeling unhappy, unsatisfied, and confused about ever increasing blood sugar numbers.

To find out why conventional diet therapy for gestational diabetes often fails, and what to do about it, get Real Food for Gestational Diabetes.

Chapters in Real Food for Gestational Diabetes
Presented in an easy to follow language,
backed up by clinical trials.

  1. What is Gestational Diabetes
  2. What Now? What can I Do?
  3. Nutrition for Gestational Diabetes
  4. Design Your Perfect Meal Plan
  5. Special Foods and Nutrition for Pregnancy
  6. Supplements for a Healthy Pregnancy and Normal Blood Sugar
  7. Prenatal Exercise
  8. Medication Management
  9. Help! Solutions to Common Questions and Concerns
  10. Postpartum Strategies to Keep You and Baby Healthy
  11. Questioning the Conventional Dietary Approach to Gestational Diabetes


The book you don't read won't help

You can have gestational diabetes and still have a healthy baby. Lily will show you how. With this book, you have the tools to turn this diagnosis into a blessing in disguise.

About the Author

Lily Nichols

Lily Nichols, (RDN, CDE, CLT) is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified LEAP Therapist and Certified Pilates Instructor. Her approach to nutrition embraces real food, integrative medicine, and mindful eating.

Her fascination with the dietary practices of traditional cultures combined with an abnormal love for medical research, especially regarding prenatal nutrition, has led her to become one of the country's most sought after 'real food for pregnancy' experts.

Lily has worked clinically with hundreds of women with gestational diabetes, and has helped train thousands of medical professionals on the subject of diabetes during pregnancy. She is also a regular speaker on a wide range of topics relating to prenatal nutrition and exercise.

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